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Avatar Verification

Why avatar verification?

Any avatar registered in METROPOLIS can move freely within the grid and, if interested, visit most regions freely. Furthermore, he can also collect and use freely copyable freebies. Only two functions require verification of the user:

- if a self-hosted region should be connected
- if the user wants to build on sandboxes or on the DUNE regions.

Since copyright-relevant objects can also be loaded into the grid for the aforementioned functions, we are obliged to verify the respective user for legal reasons.

How can I verify?

To verify an avatar, a one-off symbolic Euro (1 Euro) will be paid to the Metropolis grid via PayPal. Upon payment, PayPal transmits an ID number of the payer. This ID tag (and only these) is stored in the METRO database. No RL names or other RL details are requested and / or stored.

Subsequently, the name of the avatar name indicates the user for whom the verification is to be performed. IMPORTANT: After payment has been made via PayPal, you must return to the METRO page via the link on the PayPal confirmation page.

For the verification a PayPal account is required, which can be created for free on . The account is available within a few minutes.

For any further questions regarding verification and privacy, please contact the Gridmaster ( ) at any time.