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Fees for connected regions

Participation in database costs

METROPOLIS allows the connection of self-hosted regions to the grid. Extensive data is stored on the database servers of the grid. The databases are permanently mirrored so that the data is permanently backed up on two separate servers in parallel. This incurs costs to which the region owners are involved through a small monthly region fee. Region fees are calculated on the 1st of each month for the previous month.

How is the fee calculated?

There are two types of regions: water regions and normal regions. Water regions have less than 200 objects and are charged at EUR 0.10 per month. Normal regions have 200 objects or more and are charged at 1.50 EUR per month.

How are the fees paid?

The region owners are informed on the 1st of each month about the current status of their fees (with a link to this tool). After logging in, every region owner receives a list of all connected regions. Since the number of objects can change from month to month, these are also displayed per month. In addition to the regional fees, all PayPal payments are also displayed. With a button you can easily switch to PayPal and pay your fees.

Is it possible to pay in advance?
If fees are to be paid, the PayPal button will pay the exact amount of the fees. If you then call this tool again, you can pay any sum with the PayPal button. This deposit will then be offset against the due fees until the prepayment has been used up.

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