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hereby I order a new Region on METROPOLIS. The price for the Region is 29,00 Euros monthly, invoiced monthly in advance. There is no setup fee at all. The payment could be done by Bank Giro or PayPal. Your will get more Informations with the Order-Confirmation.
I have a monthly redemption right. The notice must be made before the expiration of the prior billing period. The region will be configured and installed immediately. In general, these will take 24 hours (max. 48 hours) after we received the order.

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Choose a SingleRegion (1x1) (Standard) 
or a VarRegion (2x2) (4 times larger) 
or a VarRegion (4x4) (16 times larger) 
without additional costs.

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X-Coordinate: Gewünschte X-Koordinate. Überprüfe die Koordinaten in der Regionsliste=> Matrix of Coordinates
Y-Coordinate: Please choose a free Coordinate from the Matrix

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I hereby certify, that I am 18 years old (or older) and that I have read, understood and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

I confirm, that I order a new Region for the monthly price of 29,- Euros. The invoicing will be made monthly in advance.

I confirm, that I have the right to discard the region rent to the end of a month. The contract notice can be made bei eMail, regular Mail or by Telefax.